“Soccer Scouting System” with Neo4j, part 2

Last time we created the definition of a player, however I forget one important aspect of the player and that is his or hers (favorite) position.
So now the player looks like this:


What do we know about this player? Well, this player is selected for a team to represent a club in a league of a certain level.
This looks like this:

Next update is about how to make this in Neo4j.

“Soccer Scouting System” part 1

I will start writing short notes regarding the development of the “Soccer Scouting System” to order my brain and to make it clear for the audience.

What  do we have:

  • Players
  • Coaches
  • Scouts
  • Teams
  • Level
  • Reviews
  • Connections


Players are the most important part of the System. They have their own characteristics, they are part of a team and play on a certain level (league).
Also they are left and/or right footed. They have a day of birth, or age. They play matches and training sessions, we can observe.

So we have a Player with following properties:


These properties describe the Player but not the matches they played or level they are acting on.
But from this we can make a node.

Next time I will discuss the Team and Level.

Idea “Soccer Scouting System” with Neo4j

light-clip-art-438-light-bulb-designFinally, I got an idea. After several private projects, like a video-editor and customization sports tagger, data-entry forms, etc, I have been able to organize my thoughts and came up with an idea.
What is this idea? Create a “Soccer Scouting System”.
What for? We need an overview of talented soccer players (or any other sport) and we an easy way to collect that information.
With what? I fell in-love with Neo4j Graph Database, and start to think about a solution with data, nodes and relationships.
In the following weeks I will show you my idea.

Stay tuned.