Restart the documentation (again)

I realized I never finished the “Oefenstof” Documentation Automation Project on my website. Let’s start with a picture.   I have covered the top part of in these blogs:

“Soccer Scouting System” with Neo4j, part 6

We have players, clubs, teams and leagues. The next step is to add the review system. We need a scout, who reviews the players. This scout can be independent or working as coach for a club or other organization. In the example below, this scout is working as coach for the club. I have added […]

“Soccer Scouting System” with Neo4j, part 5

So far we have the following: A connected League structure A connected Player, Team and Club structure: We need to connect these together, with the “TAKING_PART” connection. Added the following code to the one from yesterday: // Init teams CREATE (myc:Club {id:’myc’, name:’My Club’}) CREATE (teamA:Team {id:’mycTeamA’, name:’Team A’, season:’2015-2016′}) CREATE (teamA)-[:REPRESENTS {season:’2015-2016′}]->(myc), (teamA)-[:TAKING_PART]->(tk1516) CREATE […]

“Soccer Scouting System” with Neo4j, part 4

To have an indication on what level the players are playing, it’s useful to know at what league level the team, they play for, is playing. As an example, since I am currently working for a women team, I have used the league structure used for women soccer in the Netherlands, the first four levels. This […]